Lady Antebellum - Own The Night

There aren’t many people around today, unsure of who Lady Antebellumare, such has been their success over the past five years. The band have taken the world by storm since the much anticipated release of their second album Need You Nowin 2010, which went on to take the number one spot on the billboard country chart and remain in the top five for much of the rest of the year. There were several number ones from that release and it won the Grammy Award for Best Country Album, being certified 3x Platinum by the RIAA. And now the band have released their third album Own The Night,almost under the radar. It’s a catchy country-folk record featuring songs of love and loss as much of the country genre does. With this new release, the trio of Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley have once again succeeded in recreating the magic of previous releases and in crafting an albumso individualistic that it could only be one of Lady Antebellum’s.And that’s almost the best thing, from the very first track you know you’re listening to Lady Arecord and you know it’s going to be good! The title track opens with lyrics potent to anyone who’s ever been in love: Tell me have you ever wanted, someone so much it hurt? Your lips keep trying to speak, but you just can’t find the words.And just like that Lady Antebellum have set themselves up for another fantastic, potentially award-winning album. There’s been a lot of talk about the first single Just A Kiss,released prior to the album; however there are other stand out gems on this new record, including the upbeat Love I’ve Found In Youand Friday Night. It’s obvious that the band had a lot of fun writing and recording these tracks, and they’ve come up with some pretty catchy riffs which you’ll have stuck in your head before you know it. And then there’s songs like Somewhere Love Remains,a lilting, easy-on-the-ear love ballad, a style which has long been Lady Antebellum’sniche, the song flows so effortlessly that you can do nothing more than sit, listen and relate. The songs strength lies in the little details, such as the background bell sound and click track, sounding almost like stars in the sky, which is repeated at the end of each chorus. Admittedly following the record breaking success of Need You Nowwas always going to be tough, but in my opinion this trio of friends from Nashville have succeeded on every level. Own The Nightis the first album where Lady Antebellum sound and feel like a record breaking team; they’re far more musically in tune with each other and yet still able to try throwing their music in new directions (listen to Singing Me Homeas an example). And they have succeeded where so many have failed, to issue a third album which is just as strong as their first and second releases. On this record you’ll find something for everyone - a CD of mood music for any situation, light on the ear and one that will make you smile. If you want an album that delivers on every level, you won’t be disappointed.